Search Record is an ongoing project by Jon Packles.
Special thanks to the wonderful people at Parsons Design + Technology who helped it take shape.

In this extremely online world, the moments of our lives are documented by default – when we check bus times or text a loved one or turn to the search bar to voice a concern we’re too embarassed to bring up with friends. The data we generate through everyday digital activity contains the most intimate details of our lives.

Yet, while these documents are about us, they are not for us. They take a form meant to be processed by machines, not read by people. Your tiny human brain may not be as efficient as these machines, but it can do other things. is a living collection of tools for exploring your Google Search history. Try the tools with sample data below, or follow these directions to get started with your own archive.or visit on a desktop to get started with your own archive.


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  • how many ounces in a pound
  • why do we have eyebrows
  • what should i make for dinner
  • who should get tested coronavirus
  • where to buy toilet paper
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